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Expendables 2

Now with added Norris!

Van Damme, Stallone AND Schwarzenegger  together again – prepare yourself for a whole lot of unintelligible dialogue. Though I doubt  that will be an issue as I’m sure the powerhouse team behind this genius see the storyline as a mere formality to break up the craploads of explosions.

 Don’t get me wrong, I love action movies – the more ridiculous the better. That being said, I wasn’t a huge fan of the first Expendables. Perhaps I like my action heros to have the space to shine on their own rather than squeeze their bulging biceps into the same scene. Not only that, but if the witty one liners have to be shared across that many leading men the quality is sure to go down – and really, how much lower can we go?

I’m not going to BS you, I will be going to see Expendables 2, if for nothing else other than the promise of a completely unnecessary amount of knifings

In Australian cinemas August 30.

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Action stars work hard for the money – Japanese commercial madness!

In my drowsy-cold-medicated state I got to thinking about Nic Cage (this happens more often than I care to disclose) in particular, how he fits into this crazy mixed up world. It becomes exceedingly more apparent with each new entry into his body of work that he is on another level, one much different to that of us mere mortals. Good different? Lord no, but different nonetheless.

It must be so hard for Cage, as he is continually panned for his erratically-outlandish-unnecessarily-over-the-top acting (mostly by me) there must be someone, somewhere that calls for exactly that type of thing. There is – it’s called Japan:


The intention of this post was to showcase Cage, however, I stumbled across a few other action stars have also gotten in on the game:



Van Damme



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