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Female Watson – Say waaaaaat?

Today I stumbled across the news that Lucy Liu will be staring as the first ever female Dr Watson in what is sure to be an incredibly lame US TV adaptation (titled Elementary) of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories.

Firstly: Huh?
Secondly: Why??
Thirdly: Put an end to television immediately!!*

Clearly some TV big-wig has seen how successful and completely brilliant the UK series Sherlock is and wants to cash in. The problem? There is absolutely no way that they can match that awesomeness. When I first came across the story I momentarily thought Lucy Liu would be replacing Martin Freeman in some ridiculous plot twist. I almost swallowed my Romeo and Juliet style ‘let’s-end-this-shiz-now’ vile of poison that I keep on hand in the event of an extreme TV related mishap, until upon further reading I discovered it was just the US spouting out more unoriginal, rubbish TV.

Oh well, let them do what they do best (in other words worst) at least our Sherlock is still in tact.

*Never, EVER would I wish to experience a life without television…which I suppose would actually lead to me experiencing life…I shudder at the thought.

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