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The darkest timeline

As I’m sure you all know by now, Dan Harmon was fired as showrunner for Community – which basically means the end of the world as we know it. Actually it’s worse than that. I’d take the plagues of locusts, floods and Dementors (or whatever mythical creatures that Jesus related fairytale says is in store for us) over Community going mainstream with a laugh-track and 2 Broke Girls style ‘jokes’.

I woke up to the news of the NBC exec’s brain haemorrhage (only logical explanation) on my birthday a week ago and needed to take some time to gather my thoughts and formulate them in just the right way before sharing them with the world (or more accurately, the 2 people that accidentally stumble across this blog). To put it in the simplest of terms – it sucks mega balls.

On what planet is firing the creative genius behind the show a good idea? I’ll tell you. On planet bullshit, in the galaxy of this sucks camel dicks!

Yes there will be another season of Community which is great news, but what the hell is Greendale going to be like without Dan? Community fans all over the world have flooded the internet to show their outrage at NBC and total support for Dan with gifs, images and other internerd related things. This one, made me both laugh and shudder in fear.


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