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Dags unite!

Last night the first episode of Myf Warhurst’s six part series Nice aired on ABC1 – I liked it.

A factual series where Myf delves into some of her favourite things, Nice is a little bit daggy and at this point in my life, I find that refreshing.

Last night’s episode showcased the genuine affection between herself and former Spicks and Specks team leader Alan Brough, as he confessed that her love of Wa Wa Nee and all things tacky have made her the person she is, and for that he would kiss them all on the lips – very sweet.

In her journey to discover more about the love duet, Myf spoke to the man behind the mic – Love Songs and Dedications Richard Mercer. I thought I would finally get to see the face and the lips that spout out the romantic drivel that has amused me so year after year, but alas – he remains an enigma. (Though his soft, blonde locks fashioned into a  mullet have now left me with an image I won’t soon forget).

As Myf’s eyes welled up while living out a dream singing Islands In The Stream with the one and only Kenny Rodgers, it was impossible to find her anything but endearing.

It’s not trying to be anything over the top, it’s just nice.

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