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Great Scott!

Ok, so this probably falls on the high end of the ‘merch’ category…

The electric DeLorean (not-yet-released) has made it’s first appearance at  the 2012 New York International Auto Show. Is a car that runs on electricity as cool as one that runs on garbage? Of course not. Nor is one the has an ipod dock, but no flux capacitor. Crushed childhood dreams aside, I’d still love to have one of these…that is if it didn’t carry a $95,000 price tag. Guess I could always go into the future, buy a sports almanac, go back in time, bet on a bunch of sporting events, win millions of dollars THEN I could buy one. But wait…I would first need the DeLorean to be able to go back in time. What a conundrum.

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Do you want anything from the shop?


…and some sweet Shaun of the Dead Lego.

Don’t get too excited though, due to the themes behind Shaun of the Dead the Lego big-wigs need to have some “significant internal discussion” before they can agree to produce this amazing creation as a product.

Dear Lego people, please grow a pair and make this happen. Thank you.

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Two Jack Off posts in a row??

Oh yeah, I’m just that crazy. Seriously though, how could I not give special mention to this?? I would read the bajeezus out of this book. I’m sure it would include many a Donaghy life lesson such as “Rich 50 is middle class 38”, “Never go with a hippie to a second location” and “The secret to a strong, healthy head of hair is dove…blood”. Brilliant.

I absolutely love the cover of this non-existent book. They way Donaghy has been truly Reganised and the Joan’s Book Club sticker (reference from Parks and Rec) = Gold!

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Better than all the bacon and eggs you have

The Ron Swanson Bobblehead has arrived!!

I’m pretty disappointed this isn’t a bobblehead of the talking variety, but I’ll take what I can get. A  silent Swanson is better than no Swanson at all. I could spend hours staring at that ‘stache.

Get it at the NBC store

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I miss Community!

Why won’t they tell us when it is coming back??!? WHY?!?!!?!?!? Every day I have a cup of tea in my Troy and Abed in the Morning mug and shed a single tear. It’s been  too long! I need to hear Pierce say something racist, I need to see Chang grease himself up and do something crazily inappropriate, I need to watch Troy and Abed’s adorable bromantic antics, hear Shirley’s “that’s nice”, see Annie’s boobs, Jeff’s abs and Britta…well I can do without Britta (she’s the worst!)

Anyway, its nice to know there are others out there that share my love of this Greendale study group. Check out this awesome downloadable boardgame from US DIRECT:

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