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How can Trump let this happen?

What’s lower than the bottom of the barrel?

The dirt beneath the barrel? The worms that live in the dirt beneath the barrel? The faeces the worms that live beneath the barrel feed on? Whatever it is, channel 9 is scraping it.

The latest edition of the poor mans (i.e. Australian) ‘Celebrity’ Apprentice has outdone itself in the contestant department. When did it become ok for someone that took part in a television competition (be it of the racing or cooking variety) to be called a celebrity? When did we lower that bar way, waaaay down? Don’t get me wrong, I love Marion’s convenient San Choy Bau and Pad Thai Kits, but a celebrity this does not make. And yes Nathan is attractive and seemed like a rad dude on The Amazing Race, but come on!

Since I’ve got a little rant going – what the hell is a glamour sportswoman??!! Oh and don’t think adding a token American in the form of The Hoff is going to do anything to lift the cred. That baywatch jacket must be wearing pretty thin.

The fact is nothing can beat the real deal: Trump screaming every word at legitimate celebrities while they are standing a mere foot away, his hair sitting atop his head like spun gold and his 80’s guy son’s – nowthat is quality.

I anticipate another trainwreck.

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Yahtzee! Game on!

Forget stuffing animals, repossessing people’s crap and driving big trucks on ice roads, we’re losing sight of what reality TV is all about – chucking a bunch of slutty/sleazy douchebags on an island with a butt load of alcohol and letting nature take it’s course.

I’m talking about Paradise Hotel (season 1). Brilliant!

I’ve never looked at Yahtzee the same way…actually I’ve never looked at Yahtzee before or after….regardless, this moment was awesome!



Till death do us part? Yeah right, there’s no escape from crazy.

In the past, When you’re beloved pet(s) passed away, did you say your respectful goodbyes, let them rest in peace and then move on with your life occasionally crying a single tear in memory of the good times had? Really? You did?? Oh man, that is so 2011.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only fool out there, many before you have made the exact same mistake! The great news is, you never have to go out like a chump again!

Rather than having a nice little dignified burial for your fury best friend, why not have someone remove the skin from their remains, stretch it over a  polyurethane foam figure of their shape and create replicas of their eyes, lips and snouts from glass and wax so they are stuck in the same creepy pose ’till the end of time? A-doi! It’s only the most obvious thing to do! Then you too could have something as comforting as this sitting at the end of your bed:

This whole thing terrifies me, but if you’re into watching crazy ladies who paint their dogs toenails or huge bikers lose their shit when they see their little chiwawa frozen in time you are in for a treat with American Stuffers.

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