WWDGD – What would Dave Grohl Do?

Whatever the hell he wants – and he’d freakin’ nail it! 

Word on the streets is that Dave has signed on to be an executive producer for a new FX comedy. Two of my favourite things coming together: Dave Grohl + TV proves that despite the existence of Kardashian’s – life isn’t all bad.

The show will apparently centre around a feuding rock band that seeks professional help when they’re about to make it big. Unfortunately, they end up with a therapist who is going through divorce and hates the human race. The good people at  Warming Glow think the idea sounds a little like Metallica’s ‘Some Kind Of Monster’ – I agree, and am hoping this results in equal amounts of hilarity minus the real-life douchers.

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One thought on “WWDGD – What would Dave Grohl Do?

  1. Tom says:

    It sounds EXACTLY like the Metallica “doco”! Should be interesting though…

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